Best Credit Monitoring Service for 2018

How to Combat Credit Card Fraud

List with the assembly of parts. In the meantime, your lost credit wallets will have your credit cards canceled and quickly replaced, while a $ 1 million ID theft insurance covers all the losses you suffer because of identity theft

  • Monitoring the social security number
  • ID verification messages
  • Alarms for account acceptance
  • Identity theft victim assistance
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • $ 1 million identity theft insurance
  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring (Gold, Total Protection and Platinum plans only)
  • ID Vault password protection

 Although I’m a fan of Identity Guard services, it would be nice if the company included address change tracking in its essentials plan, as is the case with many of its competitors. Apart from that, Identity Guard still offers the best product – and the best protection – that can buy money.

If you are worried about becoming a victim of identity theft, you should take steps now to protect yourself. Identity theft is a problem that is constantly changing and evolving with technology. So there’s no reason to expect hackers to give up stealing identities in 2018. Because of this unfortunate fact, I have done some serious research on the best credit monitoring services available today. My focus has been mainly on comprehensive credit monitoring with identity theft protection, but I have also found some good options that are well-suited for monitoring low-cost credit reports.

 Recommended credit monitoring services:

  • Identity Force
  • Identity force
  • Life sack
  • LifeLock

 According to a 2017 survey by the Insurance Information Institute, 15.4 million consumers were stolen by various forms of identity theft in 2016 for $ 16 billion in assets. You have probably heard of all the breaches at reputable companies, including JPMorgan, Target, Home Depot and eBay.

 A few years ago, health insurance giant Anthem even suffered a data breach involving more than 80 million patient and employee files, possibly containing important information such as names, dates of birth and even social security numbers. This data breach could cost Anthem well over $ 100 million in damages and litigation.

 The Top Pick of the simple dollar for best credit monitoring services

  • Identity Guard
  • LifeLock
  • Identity Force
  • Experian
  • TransUnion

 After completing my research, I can say for sure that the credit monitoring services listed above are at the top of their class. The Insurance Information Institute notes that identity thieves have stolen more than $ 107 billion over the last seven years. This is too large a number that average citizens can not ignore. In fact, this number shows that technology is improving our lives, but also makes us more vulnerable to online theft.

 Best comprehensive credit monitoring services

 The first three products listed below provide comprehensive credit monitoring services, as well as identity theft protection and access to your credit report. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive services to stay protected in 2018, these are your best options.

1. Best General Credit Monitoring Service: Identity Guard

 After weeks of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that Identity Guard is currently the best credit monitoring service available on the market. Not only is it a comprehensive program that monitors specific changes in your balance, but it also offers one of the best ID theft protection in the industry.

 The company’s Total Protection® and Platinum plans ($ 14.99 per month, or $ 24.99 per month) monitor all three major credit bureaus for changes to your reports and help you make more informed financial decisions. In addition, they monitor personal information such as your name and social security number in thousands of databases. The Total Protection Plan provides an updated quarterly credit rating, while the Platinum Plan offers this monthly benefit. There is also a $ 9.99 Essentials plan that omits the monitoring of three offices, credit updates, and certain other features.

 For $ 9.99 a month (members with individual plans can add this service for $ 5 a month), Identity Guard also offers an Identity Guard for Kids Plan, which can protect your children’s information. This plan includes social security number monitoring, public records monitoring and bank account monitoring. You will be notified immediately if someone tries to use your child’s information, for example, to open an account or a credit card. Unlike other services, this is a standalone plan, meaning you do not need to purchase it as an add-on to protect your children.

 Available with any plan, proactively report ID verification and account transfer alerts when certain online account information has been accessed or changed. In this way, you can quickly take action if your accounts have been fraudulently accessed. These services are included in the same plans as their credit monitoring services. So you only pay a monthly fee for both.

 If you are the victim of ID theft, Identity Guard offers services to help you recover quickly. A victim hotline gives you access to a trained expert who can access.

2. LifeLock

 LifeLock’s identity protection proactively protects your identity and creditworthiness. LifeLock actively monitors applications for credit cards, bank accounts, utilities, and other services in a large network on attempts to use your information.

 If suspicious activity is detected, you will receive a notification via email or phone. If your purse is lost, LifeLock helps you to stop or replace the content quickly.

 LifeLock® also oversees thousands of black market sites where ID thieves buy and sell stolen information. When your information is displayed there, you will be notified. They also work with the credit bureaus to reduce the number of annoying, pre-approved credit card offers by deleting your name from the mailing list.

 Both features are available on all plans, including the standard $ 8.99 per month plan. The upgrade to the $ 17.99 Advantage Plan adds functionality, including fictitious identity monitoring, court-scan scanning, breach notification, and annual credit reports from a single credit bureau. The $ 26.99 Ultimate Plus plan includes reports from all three credit bureaus, credit inquiry alerts, sex offender registry reports, and monthly credit monitoring.

 With the LifeLock Junior Add-On, you can also protect the identity of your child, making LifeLock ideal for families. Child credit is often a goldmine for thieves as they are largely unattended. If your child’s information has been stolen and used, it may remain undetected for years and cause permanent damage. Note that this protection cannot be purchased individually and must be bundled with another plan.

  • Detection of identity threats and alerts

  • Black Market Website Monitoring

  • Lost Wallet Protection

  • Sex Offender Registry Reports (Ultimate Plus Plan Only)

  • Tracking of Monthly Credits (Ultimate Plus Plan Only)

  • LifeLock would be an even stronger service if it had a separate plan for children instead of offering it as an add-on. Reports from all three credit bureaus are only available at the highest price.

3. Identity Force

 IdentityForce is another top credit monitoring service. For $ 19.95 a month, the UltraSecure + Credit premium plan monitors all three credit bureaus and notifies you by email when changes occur in your reports. Monthly billing is handy to keep you updated on the status of your credit records.

 In terms of ID protection, IdentityForce also provides a set of tools to protect your personal information. Your comprehensive monitoring feature monitors all address changes, court records, credit reports, payday loans, and sex offender lists to ensure that your information is not used without your knowledge. All these features are available for $ 12.95 per month with the UltraSecure + Credit Plan and the simpler UltraSecure Plan.

 When a problem arises, you have 24-hour access to Identity Recovery specialists, which will save you time and headaches by completing all formalities, making phone calls, and doing everything to ensure your identity is restored.

 IdentityForce is another great choice for families. Like LifeLock, this company can protect your kids. The Child Watch service provides proactive credit monitoring, identity monitoring and ID theft insurance for your children. It’s an add-on to their UltraSecure and UltraSecure + credit plans.

  • Detection of identity threats and alerts
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • $ 1 million ID theft insurance
  • Identity recovery specialists
  • Court records and surveillance of sex offenders
  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring (UltraSecure + Credit Plan only)

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