Best managed cloud hosting providers

Best managed cloud hosting providers

When you sign up for a basic website hosting package, you typically get a defined resource block on a single server: as much as web space, as much bandwidth, possibly a certain amount of RAM or CPU cores.

 While this works well for many websites, solid resources can be a problem for larger projects. It is generally not possible to temporarily allocate additional memory or bandwidth as traffic increases, and even a simple plan upgrade may require that your website be offline for some time.

 Cloud hosting plans are similar to Virtual Private Server (VPS) products, where you first pay for a certain amount of web space, memory, CPU time, and bandwidth. However, these resources are distributed across multiple devices, not just one device.

Later, if you change your plan and add another gig of RAM, for example, it’s usually as easy as dragging a slider.

 This flexibility is great for providing extra power when you need it most, and the starting price may be similar to regular VPS hosting (£ 10 or $ 14 per month). The costs increase as you add resources. However, you usually only pay for the time you use these resources.

 In cloud hosting, the cloud servers refer to a large network of underlying servers connected by software.

Cloud hosting providers- features and price

1. Cloudways

Cloudways are one of the most popular providers when it comes to managing cloud hosting. Their hosting services were designed to help companies and agile teams realize their full growth potential. Your website can be live in minutes, because it masters all complexities. Your platform enables active collaboration between businesses and agencies to manage web applications.

Monthly starting price: $ 10

Main features:

● 5 cloud providers

● Unlimited applications

● PHP 7-ready servers

● Free SSL Certificates

● Managed backups and security

● Enhanced caching and CloudwaysCDN

● 24/7 support and CloudwaysBot

2. LiquidWeb

 LiquidWeb offers managed hosting for dedicated cloud servers and a private cloud. The dedicated servers can have one or two processors with SSD and SATA storage. With managed hosting in the private cloud, you can change the amount of memory, disk size, and even the number of cores. You can deploy VPS instances of Windows and Linux on the same cloud server. This highly customizable plan is for agencies, resellers, and businesses.

 Monthly starting price: $ 159

Main features:

● Simple dashboard

● 1 TB bandwidth

● Unlimited number of visitors and domains

● Built-in automatic scaling

● Free CloudFlare CDN


3. HostGator

 Cloud hosting is not just for big companies. HostGator’s cloud platform distributes your website across multiple virtual server instances for more reliable and scalable hosting. However, using it is just as easy as a standard shared hosting and only costs a little more.

 For example, with the Hatchling Cloud baseline, you get domain support, unmeasured bandwidth and storage, up to two cores, 2GB of RAM, and distributed varnish caching to speed static content loading. If you buy three years in advance, you can get started at $ 4.95 ($ 3.50) per month, even if the renewal price increases to $ 8.95.

 If you need something stronger, the world-class business cloud plan supports unlimited domains, offering you up to six cores and 6GB of RAM, as well as private SSL and a dedicated IP address. Another inviting introductory discount is that you can only pay $ 9.95 a month for three years, but you’ll pay 17.95 euros (12.80 euros).

 The benefits of cloud plans include (up to) twice as fast load times and more location statistics. Because your site is mirrored across multiple devices, if you have a hardware failure, you can move the site to another server.

  • Simple to use

  • Solid range of plans

  • Temptingly priced with initial discount

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