Best managed VPS hosting providers

Best managed VPS hosting providers

With VPS hosting, you can enjoy the freedom of dedicated servers at a much lower cost. Here you can use part of the physical server as a virtualized server. This virtual server runs a single instance of the operating system so you have complete control over it.

Why VPS hosting provider?

 Standard hosting packages for shared websites are cheap and easy to use. However, they are slow, inflexible, and lack the performance or functionality that professional and business users often need.

 If you need more than a simple host, but can not afford a dedicated server, or if you do not want to deal with the complexity of these beasts, the virtual private server (VPS) hosting might be a wise choice.

 When you buy a VPS plan, you get your own virtual server environment. You have full control over the operating system, extensions, and apps you install, and all their settings.

Each physical server still hosts multiple VPS customers, but not as many as shared hosting. Typically, each VPS is allocated a share of key resources (RAM, disk space, CPU cores) for their sole use.

 This can be easier to manage than you might think. Many VPS plans include standard tools such as cPanel for monitoring and configuring your site.

Some hosts manage the service for you, monitor problems such as a crashed service, and fix them as they are discovered.

1. BlueHost

Also the usual unlimited bandwidth and free SSL certification, BlueHost also offers special advanced features. You can manage VPS hosting with more than one server and still have everything under control effortlessly. Each section of the administration can have individual passwords to ensure only authorized access. You can have SSH access and customize important files like .ht access and php.ini.

 Monthly starting price: $ 19.99

Main features:

● SSH access

● Free SSL certification

● Unlimited bandwidth

● Multi-server management

● Immediate deployment to the server

● KVM hyper visor implemented

● cPanel interface and WHM control

● 30-day money back guarantee


2. InMotion

InMotion provides managed VPS hosting with full root access. This will allow you to choose which software system to install on the server. With the industry-leading cPanel control panel, you can monitor and make the necessary manipulations. WHM (Web Hosting Management) also helps with server administration. The cloud-based real-time redundancy ensures high availability of the website. Free backups and free choice of your data center make it one of the most flexible packages on the market. If you are not satisfied, you will receive the money back within 90 days.

 Monthly starting price: $ 29.19

 Main features:

● Cloud-driven redundancy

● Free SSL certification

● Up to 6 TB of bandwidth

● cPanel and WHM updates

● Security patches and updates for operating systems

● 90-day money back

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