Do you know how to make a claim?

Do you know how to make a claim?

How do you make an application?

1) Make sure everyone is safe.

2) Gather important information, including:

on. Who was involved, contact details (especially telephone numbers) of all other drivers and registration of other vehicles, information on passengers, witnesses and emergency services on site

    1. If the accident happened, make a note of the time of day

    2. How many cars were involved and how many passengers were in each car?

    3. Where the accident happened

    4. What happened and what damage was caused by cars and property? If possible, take a picture.

3.) Contact the accident claim helpline.

What should you do after a car accident?

First, make sure that you are in a safe location outside of the main road and out of the oncoming traffic. Avoid staying in the car when on a highway or other main road.

If you are in a safe place, try to get all the details of the other parties involved. You will need:

  • Full names, contact phone numbers, insurance details, including the insurance number and vehicle registration data, as well as the make and model. You should remain calm and polite to the third party, but do not admit that you were to blame for the accident, even if you believe it was you. Write down all passengers in the other vehicle and indicate their age

  • Most people have a phone with a camera, which makes it much easier to spot than previously photographic evidence. If possible and safe, take a picture of the damage to all affected vehicles. Likewise, damaged property was damaged and the scene as a whole including road markings and signs

  • Gather all the information you can get from witnesses to an accident, including their address and phone number. An independent witness can be useful to prove who was responsible for an accident.

 If your car blocks the road, try moving it to the side. Do this only if the car can drive safely and do not endanger yourself. If you are not sure, do not try to postpone it. If your vehicle can safely enter and is not in a dangerous location, you can pick up all your belongings from the vehicle if it is not wheeled and needs to be picked up

When should you inform the insurer?

You should call us as soon as possible to report the incident, even if you are not planning a claim. Make sure that you are in a safe place before you call us because your safety is paramount. If possible, call us from the accident site, otherwise preferably on the same day.

  • AD-MOT


  • BL-CAR

  • DI-AMO

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What do we discuss when you report the accident?

When you call the Accident claim helpline to report the accident, they need to gather as much information as possible about the incident and the details of all involved. Based on the information provided, they will discuss the options available to you.

They will also tell you all the other information they need from you, repairs to your vehicle, liability, excess.

What happens after you submit an application?

After you decide how to proceed, the agent you talk to starts the process and informs you about schedules. Until they understand the extent of the damage, it can be difficult to say how long the process will take. Liability can be a complex process without a fixed time scale, so they may not be able to provide you with time scales for the first call.

How to file an insurance claim.

Every state has laws that regulate the process. Therefore, contact your local insurance department if you have questions or do not feel treated fairly. Complete the following steps to claim an insurance claim:

  • Call your agent if you have a mistake or not.

  • Follow your agent’s instructions to provide all the accident documentation and submit your application. You may need a police report.

  • Keep copies of all documents and invoices related to the accident. Recording detailed notes after talking about the accident. You need to know who you talked to, what you said when, when, and how to contact the person.

  • Ask your agent:

  • Deadlines for submitting your claims and submitting invoices.

  • Deadlines for the settlement of disputes.

  • If you can assume that the insurance company will contact you.

  • Whether you need estimates for the damages.

  • Whether your insurance covers a rental car while your car is being repaired and how much is covered


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