Everything you need to know about truck Accident Lawyers in Dallas

Proven Advocacy in 18-Wheel Accidents in Texas

laws and procedures relating to truck accidents and handles dozens of complex cases over the years. work with forensic investigators and accident reconstruction specialists to inspect vehicles and accident sites, preserve the scene of the accident, and completely dissect each case. As lawyers specializing in truck crashes in Dallas, they will also manage customers’ cases from start to finish.

Why do you need a lawyer experienced in truck crashes?

Car and truck accidents may seem similar at first, but crucial challenges soon show that there are essential differences. For example:

Since injuries caused by truck accidents often involve catastrophic injuries, business costs tend to be higher.

Therefore a serious injury requires the assistance of medical specialists. An experienced truck accident attorney can help clients locate and access appropriate medical care.

Trucking companies are often owned by many parties or other companies as part of a complex ownership structure. It is sometimes necessary to sue many parties simply to determine who is not a defendant.

As you can see, the differences between the treatment of a car accident and that of a truck is heavy and that is why you should consult lawyers specialized in truck accidents in Dallas. They have the resources, skills, expertise and knowledge you need and deserve behind your 18-wheel accident.

Investigation of collisions between tractors and 18 wheels

Usually, the more trucking companies and truck drivers can deliver their goods quickly, the more money they can make. As a result, they have a financial incentive to accelerate and drive recklessly, to perform maintenance tasks and hastily load trucks.

Unfortunately, these financial incentives are in direct conflict with practices that improve safety. The end result is often an 18-wheel truck accident resulting in injury or wrongful death.

7 common causes of truck-to-car accidents in Dallas:

1. Speed: When a truck driver speeds up to meet a deadline, he or she acts recklessly. Attempting to move an 80,000-pound road monster faster than the speed limit is never a good idea. It is very difficult to stop when you have so much weight and mass behind you. 

2. Heavy payloads: Heavy loads can compromise the balance of an 18-wheel truck. When a trucker carries an unusually heavy load, it becomes more difficult to maneuver and stop even at normal speed. In addition, when a loaded truck hits a car, the damage is much more serious. Platform trucks and tankers are well known for this, but dump trucks and garbage trucks are often just as bad.

3. Lack of maintenance: The maintenance of semi-trailers is necessary to avoid mechanical breakdowns. If a truck is not properly maintained, even the safest truck driver is more likely to cause an accident. A mechanical failure such as brakes or a suspension is unfortunately all that is necessary to cause a fatal accident.

4.Lack of sleep: Truckers are human beings, just like us, and when they are overworked or sleep deprived, they make mistakes. It is important to realize that many experienced truckers are paid per kilometer and therefore want to push their body to the limit in order to earn a better salary. Essentially, when they sleep, they lose money. For this reason, many truck drivers push themselves too far and end up falling asleep at the wheel. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Authority (FMCSA) already allows truckers to drive up to 11 hours at a time. Some truckers have been found tampering with hours of service records to appease their bosses or increase their pay.

5.Road Hypnosis: This condition refers to a kind of trance-like state that occurs when a driver travels thousands of kilometers observing the same monotonous landscape on the road. In the end, a driver can make a zone outside, causing an inhibited reaction ability to react appropriately.

6.Dead angles: One of the first things new drivers learn in a semiconductor truck test is to avoid the blind spot. Most mirror systems on trucks do not allow the trucker to have a complete view of the area behind them. Strong engine sounds also tend to drown car horns worried. This makes it very easy for them to accidentally erase other vehicles.

7.Carelessness or Recklessness: Last but not least, some truckers are simply negligent in their attitude that other drivers should yield to them because of their imposing size. Not all motorists can and the results can be fatal.


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