How a Riverside Accident lawyer can help

Process of taking legal action:

It is helpful to talk to a Riverside lawyer, even if you do not know if you need to take legal action. The lawyer in your wrecked car will review the details of your case and answer all your questions. It is always best to discuss the matter as quickly as possible, as the law limits the time you have to file a claim. As a general rule, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim no later than two years after the date of the injury and a claim for personal property within three years of the incident.

The sooner you consult a lawyer specializing in road accidents, the more likely it is that your case is resolved favorably. Your lawyer can immediately get to work by gathering the evidence you need to support your case.

Although this evidence may be collected later, it is best to do so as soon as possible so that nothing is lost or the accident is still in the mind of anyone needing to be interviewed. That said, you can take some steps after your accident to make your case work best.

How to find a personal injury attorney in Riverside, Southern California.

 Through the directory of Super Lawyers, you can view an index of lawyers who practise quality and excellence in their work. It’s easy to go through the lists of attorneys in your area. Narrow your search by practice area.

Have you found people that interest you? Learn more by exploring their profiles.

You will find contact information, education and biography of your lawyer, which will complete your research. Where possible, profiles will link to the personal biography of the personal injury lawyer, the firm’s website and other relevant information to consider.

The contact form in profile is simple to use and makes it easy to get in touch with a lawyer from Riverside, Southern California, and the opportunity to seek legal advice.

Top lawyers in Riverside, Southern California

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1.Michael Padilla
Top rated bodily injury – Plaintiff’s Lawyer
Padilla Law Group, LLP
Serving Riverside, CA (Encinitas, CA)
An award-winning personal injury company representing the wounded in all of Riverside County. + Learn more

 2.Mauro Fiore

Top rated bodily injury – Plaintiff’s Lawyer
Law Offices of Mauro Fiore, Jr.
Serving Riverside, CA (West Covina, CA)
Your personal injury needs are important. Click here or call today for help.Mauro Fiore, Jr., is the founder and president of law firms of Mauro Fiore, Jr., located in West Covina, California, where he primarily deals with injuries including car, truck and motorcycle accidents as well as falls and falls.He also has experience in medical malpractice, civil liability and defective product litigation.

3.Donald Randolph

Top rated bodily injury – Plaintiff’s Lawyer
Serving Riverside, CA (Santa Monica, CA)
 Led by Randolph & Associates’ 40-year practice, Randolph & Associates specializes in all types of serious injury cases.
As principal partner of his firm in Santa Monica, California, Donald C. Randolph is dedicated exclusively to personal injury litigation and has extensive experience in criminal defense. Serving clients across Southern California, including San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties

4.Douglas Easton

Top rated bodily injury – Plaintiff’s Lawyer
Easton and Easton
Serving Riverside, CA (Costa Mesa, CA)
A personal injury law firm representing seriously injured clients in Riverside and San Bernardino County.
Lawyer W. Douglas Easton is the founder of the law firms of W. Douglas Easton (now Easton & Easton, LLP) located in the central tower of Costa Mesa, California. With an impressive resume covering more than 45 years, Mr. Easton has represented thousands of people in personal injury claims. His clients have suffered all kinds of injuries in all types of accidents, from negligence or …

5. Scott Corwin

Top rated bodily injury – Plaintiff’s Lawyer
Scott J. Corwin, a professional law corporation
Serving Riverside, CA (Los Angeles, CA)
More than $ 100 million recovered and 25 years of experience representing more than 3,000 road accident victims in the Los Angeles area.


Scott J. Corwin, the firm’s director, earned his Bachelor of Arts degree and earned an Honors BA in History from UCLA in 1985. At UCLA, he received both a Chancellor Scholarship and a Fellowship. Mr. Corwin was a member of the Dean’s Honor List and Phi Alpha Theta, the International Society of Honors in History at UCLA. …

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