List of top 15 charities in the US

List of top 15 charities in the US

Broken families earn less and the children either have lower levels of education or no education at all. The cycle of economic disaster continues as these families pass on the heritage of meager income to their children. Numerous scientists and researchers have proven that a child also urgently needs a family with two parents in order to have the best and most secure income in adulthood.

Suffering in human life is not a rare event. You never know when a storm is heading for your life, but it will happen someday. Although broken relationships in families, injuries and terrorist attacks are just a few facets of the prevailing catastrophes and suffering due to war, natural disasters, poverty, epidemics, carelessness towards the elderly and orphans, and gender inequality in today’s world.

Charities also make themselves felt in this area. Immediately after the terrorist attacks, local nonprofit organizations announced relief efforts to help the survivors. They mobilize to help the seriously injured, meet the needs of hospitals, dispatch rescuers in the immediate vicinity of attacks, help rehabilitate people in shock, and provide mental health assistance over the phone.

 Charitable donations

Charitable organizations are trying to improve the world if none of us are willing to take a step forward, go beyond our personal gains and profits, and reach out to save lives! In such a situation, the role of charities becomes more and more important, as they can perform the charities and services for us more effectively with experienced and trained staff.

We need to fund non-profit organizations to promote their volunteer work, such as building hospitals, schools for orphans, and supporting organizations in the fight against extremism, radicalism, social disease, and so on. Non-profit organizations need to be funded to help the neediest. Your goodness, no matter how small, is never wasted.

The 15 best Nonprofit organizations in the US that you can primarily view as a donation:

1 – Transparent Hands Foundation

2 – Lutheran Services in America

3 – The purse of Samaritan

4 – MAP International

5 – Increase your students

6 – United States Fund for UNICEF

7 – Feed the children

8 – Americares Foundation

9 – United Way

10 – Feed America

11 – YMCA

12 – American Heart Association

13 – compassion international

14 – Direct relief

15 – Weltanschauung

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