VPS Host: When is the right time to switch?

VPS Host: When is the right time to switch?

1. You need speed

If you add more content to your website, the speed will probably slow down after some time. This is especially true for sites that rely on database-intensive operations. As you notice longer and longer process times, it’s time to consider upgrading the plan.

In addition, most websites will see more visitors over time. Popular websites mean much higher traffic, which is fantastic for you. However, this means that your existing plans are unlikely to manage this traffic. Upgrading to VPS hosting is the next logical step for you.

2. Lack of resources

If you continuously get 503 server errors, it likely means your services will be unavailable to your visitors and customers. This means that you do not have enough RAM on your server (probably because your neighbors are allocating resources). It’s time to switch to VPS hosting.

 For example, VPS users get dedicated server resources for their websites. HostPapa VPS Hosting (see picture), HostPapa VPS Plus users are guaranteed with 1.5GB of RAM and 4-core CPU.

3. Increased safety concerns

 If you are unlucky enough to find yourself on a server that is being attacked by several other sites hosted there, this can be difficult. In this scenario, you need to rely on the grace of your host to handle the situation, or alternatively, switch to VPS to get around this situation.

4. Special operating system (OS)

 With full root access (usually delivered with unmanaged VPS hosting packages), you can install and customize any software you need to optimize your hosting experience. This flexibility is especially useful if you need to install a custom operating system.

Example: Inter Server Managed VPS Hosting offers 16 operating system options. These include Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Open Wall, Fedora and Slackware.

Further help: Step-by-step instructions for changing web hosts

Tips for choosing the best VPS hosting provider

 There are thousands of service providers that are available online. The choice of the best can be difficult.

 Let me share with you some of the things you need to consider before making a decision and spending that extra money.

 Consideration Fact # 1: Live Customer Support

 I’ve always been stuck at the point that customer support with all types of service providers is a make or break deal. Your VPS host must have at least everyday support. This can be done via live chat or through a ticketing system, but customers always need to feel that the host has their back. 

AltusHost technical support – 24 × 7 via live chat and social channels (visit online).

 A2 Hosting – VPS users receive priority support from the company’s experienced crews

 Consideration factor # 2: Cost

 Keep track of what resources you need to serve your web sites when searching for a host. The cost of a VPS is important, but not as important as you might think. The availability of VPS resources is scalable, so the costs that must be considered are comparable costs from one host to another.

Consideration # 3: reliability and hosting performance

Check how much uptime your host guarantees. Operating time in a shared services environment is often laser than expected in a VPS environment.

You pay more, so there should be a minimum uptime guarantee and better server speed. Look for a host that offers at least 99.5%, although ideally, I would prefer someone with 99.9%. Search through a few reviews because there are many who have tested this. For example, many of WHSR’s web host reviews include an uptime recording as one of our key tests.

Example: This site you are reading is hosted on InMotion Hosting VPS. Image shows WHSR operating time records for December 2017 / January 2018 – No outages were recorded during this period (see offer details).

Speed test for InMotion VPS hosting – TTFB = 171 ms.

Best VPS Hosting Provider

Visit: Price: from $ 21.04 / month

 Brief overview: InMotion Hosting is strongly recommended for two reasons: strong server performance data (> 99.95% uptime, TTFB <450 ms); and two, solid customer service. You have to pay hundreds of dollars every year to host this page you are reading.

 Remarkable VPS functions

  • The cPanel license is free with CentOS for businesses

  • The cloud infrastructure provides real-time redundancy

  • The server administration is free for updates and patches

  • The SSL and SSD certificate is free for secure and fast hosting

  2- A2 hosting

Visit: Price: From $ 32.99 / month 

Short review: The best thing about A2 hosting is speed. With the introduction of SSD storage, Railgun Optimizer and pre-configured server caching for shared hosting users, A2 is raising the speed standards of the entire hosting industry. Under all accounts, it is definitely worth registering A2 Hosting if you do not have a web host. 

Find out more in our A2 Hosting Review.

Remarkable VPS functions

 cPanel available

  • Choose your Linux operating system

  • Root access available

  • SSD storage.

3- HostPapa

 See HostPapa VPS Hosting Plans.

Visit: Price: from $ 19.99 / month

 Short overview: We like HostPapa for its low sign-up price and comprehensive hosting offerings with many features. The expensive renewal price and a record of less than 99.9% are currently an issue. If you want your website to be hosted in Canada for whatever reason, HostPapa is definitely one of the best options.

 Remarkable VPS functions

  • cPanel available

  • SolusVM VPS panel

  • Root access available

  • Full SSD storage

4- AltusHost

See AltusHost VPS hosting plan

Visit: Price: From € 11.96 / month

Brief overview: AltusHost is a well-known premium hosting provider based in the Netherlands. The company provides solid customer service and offers three different server locations in Europe (Bulgaria, Netherlands and Sweden). We think that AltusHost can be the right call for small businesses and individual bloggers looking for a reliable hosting solution based in the EU.

Remarkable VPS functions

  • 2 to 8 GB RAM with full server root control.

  • Fast delivery time – available in 2 – 24 hours.

  • DDoS protection (10 Gbps) included.

5- SiteGround

See SiteGround VPS Hosting Plans.

Visit: Price: From $ 80 / month

Quick Facts: SiteGround is a solid hosting company with innovative server features and world-class live chat support. Your price is a bit steep at the renewal, but you get what you paid. We believe that SiteGround is suitable for both new and experienced users who want a hassle-free hosting solution.

Remarkable VPS functions

  • Scalable resources

  • 24/7 VIP support

  • Free CDN

  • Several locations available

6- HostGator

 see Hostgator cloud hosting plans.

Visit: Price: from $ 19.95 / month

The new Hostgator Cloud (VPS) is reliable, inexpensive and relatively easy to set up. We recommend Hostgator Cloud Hosting and consider it particularly suitable for bloggers who want a simple and flexible web host.

Remarkable VPS functions

  • Full root access

  • Upgrades with one click

  • Free development tools

  • Offsite backups

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