What is dedicated Linux hosting

what is dedicated linux hosting

We know that low-cost dedicated server hosting sounds like an oxymoron. The top floor of the hosting highrise is typically reserved for high-performance companies that have high bandwidth, data storage, and computational needs. Just because you need extra power in your hardware does not mean you have to break the piggy bank.

Dedicated servers are exactly what they sound like: All of the server’s resources are designed to maximize performance, processing power, and storage for your site or application. The important investment can pay off if you find hosting providers that offer the highest value to their dedicated server packages.

The word “cheap” must be included here with a grain of salt, but we have put together the 10 best options for cheap dedicated hosting plans, depending on your specific needs and budget.

Best dedicated server

Right away we should explain the difference between cheap and value hosting. Although we occasionally offer free hosting services, we usually recommend searching for the price tag and checking the price of your money. In most cases, spending a few extra dollars unlocks a wealth of useful features that streamline the hosting experience and significantly impact site performance and visitor experience.

Our top-notch host may not be the cheapest, but Liquid Web has the highest levels of functionality, flexibility, and customer support at a price that’s uncertain why it’s not higher. Whether you’re looking for Windows or Linux servers, four CPU cores, or 24, the Liquid Web technicians are always on standby with their heroic support and 100% network lifetime warranty. The premium host even offers perks like built-in backups, advanced security, DDoS protection, SSD RAID 1 storage, and CloudFlare CDN


Cheap Managed Dedicated Server

You rely on first-class hardware, why should not you choose premium support? Managed hosting goes beyond 24×7 technical support by configuring software, installing patches and updates, and managing all aspects of the environment. Managed hosts take care of the entire infrastructure, so you only need to focus on your business, website, or application.

Liquid Web offers three levels of managed services, from self-managed to fully managed services, where technicians manage a customer’s hardware and web server and provide the best possible support for third-party software.

Core managed plans for dedicated servers relate to server infrastructure, hardware, and core elements of the LAMP stack. Self-managed plans only apply to hardware and infrastructure.

However, our preferred host for managing servers is InMotion Hosting. InMotion, along with SSDs offering 20x faster-hosting services, provides scalability, flexibility, and reliability.

The company’s managed hosting team handles security patches and updates to the operating system and cPanel and guarantees a faulty hardware replacement within two hours.


Cheap unmanaged dedicated server.

For experienced developers and site administrators, managed hosting services may be an unnecessary additional hassle. Managing unmanaged servers takes time and technical expertise, which is why many argue that managed-server hosting is preferable if your time is included in the cost.

Most hosts provide at least some form of managed services because the hardware resides in their own facilities or data centers. Even if the hosting provider insists on hardware and infrastructure management, they are usually ready to leave your web server if you have a desire. There will be more pressure and demands on you to keep things running smoothly and safely. However, your host will continue to provide technical assistance if you experience a traffic jam.

With its unmanaged dedicated servers, the HostGator offers the perfect balance and gives customers complete control over their hosting environment without leaving them in the cold. The HostGator provides full root access and monitoring of all server settings, services, and accounts through the cPanel and WHM panels. besides 24/7 server monitoring, a HostGator allows you to make calls and chats anytime, anywhere, or email Premium Support agents.


Cheapest dedicated server for Linux.

Choosing between the Linux or Windows operating system for your server usually depends on what you host and what languages or technologies you need to support.

Linux, as an open source platform, offers a much wider range of support and flexibility – in fact, Linux is the L in the all-too-popular LAMP stack, followed by Apache, MySQL, and PHP, Perl or Python.

Logos of Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian Linux hosting packages can come in several variations, including Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian.

As you will see in the cPanel section below, Linux and cPanel tend to be the standard hosting configuration providers that are available. Popular vendors, such as InMotion Hosting and HostGator, have gone all-in on Linux and do not even offer a Windows plan.

Bluehost is the best choice in the open source area when it comes to first-class hosting services for Linux. The reputable hosting provider is particularly known for using open source programs such as Linux and OpenStack for the infrastructure of its infrastructure. Bluehost is one of only four hosts supported by the WordPress core team.


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