What you need to know about Fitness center software

Having a precise and easy to manage schedule is crucial for the functioning of a gym. The class schedule and gymnasium schedule are moving parts of your fitness center. Tracking dates, times, types of classes, instructors, fees and attendees does not have to be a stumbling block for your routine.

Finding the right planning software to manage your gym schedule and schedule will simplify your facility’s processes. 

Fortunately, these gym class planning software can do all this, and more for you.

Get the most out of the technology you use in your gym and increase your profitability at a glance with our easy-to-use calendar software.


Your time is precious and, as a fitness center owner and operator, your time is also a commodity. Let the system show you how to more effectively manage your gym time with our planning software. When your gym calendar is run from an operating system, the benefits are obvious and your time becomes yours again.

Whether it’s personal training, spinning, aerobics classes or more, this planning software will help you manage all aspects of your gym in an efficient and accurate way. 

When you have an effective scheduling system, you reduce error and increase the profitability of your gym.


There is no need to struggle with your class schedule or instructor list. When you know which classes are the most popular or which instructor is the most popular, you can identify any shortcomings you may have in the operation of your school and fix them quickly. With the Paramount Acceptance scheduling software, you can:

  • Streamline the processes in your gyms

  • Keep track of the courses offered

  • Follow instructors, group lists and attendance

  • Online planner options for your customers

  • Have a tiered platform that integrates easily with our existing software

  • Create a one-time masterclass program with each fitness class and instructor

  • Provide an easy access portal for your members

  • Follow the members presence

Gym software that designed to impress

Each health club is unique. That’s why this software is designed as a membership software to be highly configurable to your needs.

Whether you’re a local 50-member studio or a solid chain of popular gyms with 20 locations, GymMaster believes your experience is as important as your members experience.

So we’ve made sure everything is where you need it, minimizing hassle, and great features to help your business succeed.

List of softwares for gyms

1. Glofox

Glofox is a sports and studio and application management solution designed to meet the unique needs of gym, fitness, yoga and pilates studios. The solution helps gym and studio owners to improve administrative tasks such as lesson planning, training

Recommended: 94%

Size of the company: S M L


A cloud-based club management and appointment management solution designed for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The product is mainly used by gyms, fitness and personal training centers, salons, spas and gyms.

Recommended: 66%

Size of the company: S M L

3.Zen planner

Zen Planner is a member management software for gyms, affiliated gyms, martial arts schools, MMA schools and fitness studios. It includes integrated payment processing and automatic billing, an iPad app in self-service kiosk

Recommended: 73%

Size of the company: S M L


Pike13 is a cloud-based customer management and planning software solution that targets health and wellness clubs, fitness studios, and music and dance studios. This solution includes planning, billing, customer management, reporting … More

Rating: (107)

Recommended: 90%

Size of the company: S M L


Compete is a cloud-based club management solution that serves medium and large clubs and gyms. The product can support multiple payment methods for all club members. He also helps with reception and back office

Size of the company: S M L

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