When do you need a tax adviser?

When do you need a tax adviser?

The Internal Revenue Service has a lot of figures on it, and not all of them relate to individual tax returns.
To some extent this is true. Tax attorneys can do certain things that tax consultants cannot do

How some situations you may need the help of a tax lawyer

You expect a taxable estate when you die., this means that if you are married, you expect the total value of your estate to exceed $ 5.49 million or $ 10.98 million. However, this threshold tends to increase annually.

A tax lawyer can help you develop estate planning strategies that will help you stay below the exemption threshold and avoid a large portion of your estate property going to taxes.

What business unit should you set up? Would you like to install it? Each business environment you choose has tax implications.

A legal adviser can inform you about the structure and tax treatment of your business, including some tax issues that you might not have considered. Tax lawyers are involved in international business and need help with contracts, tax treatment, and other legal matters.
You are planning to file a lawsuit against the IRS, you will be prosecuted by the IRS, or you would like to seek an independent review of your case from the US Tax Court.

In the latter case, you want someone who is familiar with a courtroom. Although certain non-lawyers can represent clients in court, it is best if you are familiar with someone who knows the law. This is especially true if you have committed tax fraud

For example, deductions or credits to which you were not entitled.
Your relationship with your lawyer and everything you say or trust him is usually privileged. This means that he is neither legally obliged nor obliged to inform the court. This does not always apply to accountants.

What you should look for

Tax attorneys must have a Juris Doctor degree. However, these are only the minimum requirements for the exercise of any law. In addition, tax lawyers should have a degree in tax law

Some tax lawyers also have a background in accounting, though most of them are not involved in the preparation of tax returns. Their expertise focuses more on the legal implications of tax situations and does not save as many taxpayers’ money as possible. However, if you are faced with complex accounting and legal issues you may want to look for a lawyer who is also a certified public accountant to cover both areas.

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