Who is a personal injury solicitor?

Who is a personal injury solicitor?

A personal injury lawyer is a specialist lawyer who prepares and negotiates your claim for damages if you were injured in an accident that was not your fault. The cause could be anything – a traffic accident, a trip, slipping or falling in a public place, a workplace injury, medical negligence, or even an animal bite. A personal injury lawyer will help you with the application process and will ensure that you receive rehabilitation or counseling if necessary.

Should you talk to a lawyer for personal injury?

If you were not to blame for an accident and have been injured in the last three years, it’s worth having a chat. You are entitled to a claim for damages and compensation.

There are a few exceptions. For example, children can claim up to their 21st birthday at any time after an accident. In more serious cases (for example, trauma with head injuries has impaired mental function), you may have more than three years to begin your application.

For which type of personal injury can you apply?

From minor injuries to life-altering trauma and mental injury, we give you advice that you can rely on when claiming compensation for a variety of personal injury categories.

  • Traffic accidents: as a driver, driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian.

  • Medical negligence: misdiagnosis; Family doctor, hospital and dental negligence; Birth injuries; and nursing home claims.

  • Accidents at work: industrial, office, machine, nursing, agricultural and needle-stick accidents (injections or pinpricks)

  • Slides, trips and falls in any public place.

  • Other types such as vacation, sport, animal, military, beauty treatment and accidents related to carbon monoxide.

Expert No Win No Fairy Claim lawyers

expert lawyers use their entire legal experience to achieve the best results for our clients. We have a no-win no-fee policy, so only charge fees if your case is successful. You can be sure that they work hard to get compensation for your case.

Experienced lawyers serving residents of Portsmouth, Gosport & Fareham, Hampshire

Portsmouth Injury Claim Solicitors’ attorneys help you with a wide range of claims, even if your violations are not listed on our website. Maybe you have been affected by environmental problems, food poisoning or even a military injury.lawyers may still be able to assist with your application.

Choose  Lawyers to begin your claim for damages

Portsmouth’s accident and injury claims only work with UK lawyers who are fully qualified and registered for this type of compensation.offer a non-profit service so you can focus on your recovery and not have to worry about expensive legal costs.lawyers do not use case law and speak only in understandable terms, so you can easily comply with the accident claim procedure.

solicitors can help with:

  • Road accidents

Have you been injured in a traffic accident in the last 3 years, which was not your fault? In this case, you can file an application for an accident claim with our road accident lawyers.

  • motorcycle accidents

We know that after a motorcycle accident you may experience serious injury and rehabilitation needs. Rehabilitation can be costly, so it is important to ask for compensation to cover these expenses.

  • Whiplash claims

If you believe that you might suffer a lash because of a car accident or a traffic accident that is not your fault, the whip-law attorneys may be able to help you claim for damages.

  • Personal Injury

If you have been injured or have been ill due to other acts or negligence, our personal injury lawyers can help you file a claim.

  • Medical negligence

Have you been injured by a doctor, surgeon, nurse or dentist during a medical procedure? They may be able to claim compensation for their actions.

  • Accidents at work

We know that it is difficult to make a claim against your current or former employer, we will act discreetly and assist you in this difficult time.



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